Leancrypto Version 0.9.0


Changes 0.9.0

  • enhancement: X/ED25519: enable 128 bit mode on Intel for both, kernel and user space

  • add Rust binding support

  • enhancement: reduce memory footprint of Keccak state

  • enhancement: add cSHAKE re-init support

  • fix: KMAC-AEAD / cSHAKE-AEAD - ensure proper re-initialization

  • enhancement: add RISC-V 64 bit Keccak - currently disabled due to a bug

  • enhancement: compile Dilithium ARMv8 support in Linux kernel (excluding the SIMD Keccak operation)

  • fix: fix ARM-CE detection logic

  • fix: potential Kyber side channel

  • fix: KMAC min MAC size is 32 bits

  • enhancement: use accelerated XOR for KMAC/cSHAKE AEAD

  • fix: enable poly_compress_avx for Linux kernel compilation when GCC >= 13 is present

  • enhancement: add interface code to register leancrypto with Linux kernel crypto API