Leancrypto Version 0.7.0


Changes 0.7.0

  • enhancement: add XDRBG256 - the SHAKE256-based DRNG discussed for SP800-90A inclusion (almost idential to cSHAKE/KMAC DRNG specified with leancrypto)

  • enhancement: add SymKMAC AEAD algorithm - it uses 100 bytes less context than SymHMAC (it is less than 1024 bytes now), uses accelerated Keccak for KDF and authentication but is otherwise identical to SymHMAC

  • Kyber: switch responder and initiator definitions

  • enhancement: add ESDM seed source to seed lc_seeded_rng

  • editorial: reformat code using clang-format and provided configuration file

  • Dilithium: Update implementation to match FIPS 204 (draft from Aug 24, 2023)

  • Kyber: Update implementation to match FIPS 203 (draft from Aug 24, 2023)

  • enhancement: Dilithium and Kyber security strengths are selectable via Meson options

  • Kyber KEM: Update shared secret KDF (as the KDF is now removed from FIPS 203, it can be adjusted to be more performant and consistent with SP800-108)

  • Kyber KEX: Updated shared secret KDF to use SP800-108 compliant KMAC KDF

  • enhancement: Add input parameter validatino to Kyber as specified in FIPS 203

  • enhancement: consolidate all testing requiring an RNG to use selftest_rng