Leancrypto Version 0.5.0


Changes 0.5.0

  • enhancement: add ability to compile leancrypto for the Linux kernel including all tests

  • enhancement: make leancrypto generic such that it can be used in environments other than user space

  • enhancement: add compile time option small_stack which ensures that leancrypto’s stack usage is always less than 2048 (also verified by the compiler warning if it is bigger)

  • enhancement: Add assembler accelerations for SHA3 (AVX2 and AVX512 are verified with NIST’s ACVP service)

  • bug fix: Fix the SHA-3 C implementation on big-endian system (one byte-swap missing)

  • bug fix: SHAKE128 state had wrong size causing an overflow with the memset_secure in lc_hash_zero

  • fix: remove compile-time warnings on 32 bit systems

  • enhancement: SHAKE AVX2 4x implementation used by Kyber AVX2 implementation

  • enhancement: Kyber AVX2 support

  • enhancement: Dilithium AVX2 support

  • leancrypto tested on macOS with an M2 system

  • bug fix: Dilithium C on Big Endian had implicit type casts leading to endianess issues

  • enhancement: add RPM SPEC file - successful build on OpenSUSE build service on x86_64, i586, aarch64, armv7l, armv6l, ppc64, ppc64le, riscv64

  • rename memset_secure to lc_memset_secure preventing any possible name space clash

  • enhancement: add self tests to all algorithms

  • bug fix: ChaCha20 on BigEndian systems