Leancrypto Version 0.10.0


Changes 0.10.0

  • enhancement: add Sponge APIs

  • enhancement: add Ascon Keccak 512 and 256

  • update AEAD: add lc_aead_enc|dec_init and change all AEAD algo’s tag calculation to now perform MAC(AAD || ciphertext) instead of MAC(ciphertext || AAD) - this brings it in line with all AEAD algorithms

  • enhancement: add Ascon AEAD 128 and 128b

  • rename API lc_shake to lc_xof

  • enhancement: add Ascon Hash 128 and 128a

  • enhancement: add Ascon XOF and XOFa

  • enhancement: add Ascon 128/128a hasher apps

  • large data tests can now execute on small systems by using smaller memory sizes

  • remove riscv64 hash assembler directory: it is a duplicate of the riscv32 assembler code

  • Kyber 768: Add AVX2, ARMv8, ARMv7 support

  • Dilithium 65: Add AVX2, ARMv8, ARMv7 support

  • Enable compilation of Kyber 1024, Kyber-768 and Kyber-512 at the same time (APIs starting with lc_kyber_768/lc_kex_768 refer to Kyber-768, APIs starting with lc_kyber_512/lc_kex_512 refer to Kyber-512, all others refer to Kyber-1024)

  • Enable compilation of Dilithium 87, Dilithium-65 and Dilithium-44 at the same time (APIs starting with lc_dilithium_65 refer to Dilithium-768, APIs starting with lc_dilithium_44 refer to Dilithium-44, all others refer to Dilithium-87)

  • enhancement: Windows is now supported as target platform using the MINGW compiler with full acceleration support

  • Dilithium: update SampleInBall implementation following https://groups.google.com/a/list.nist.gov/g/pqc-forum/c/y8ul-ZcVWI4 - implementation is fully checked against NIST ACVP Demo server