Leancrypto Version 0.8.0


Changes 0.8.0

  • enhancement: add applications

  • enhancement: add Dilithium ARMv8 support (including SHAKE 2x ARMv8 support)

  • enhancement: add Dilithium ARMv7 support

  • enhancement: add Kyber ARMv7 support

  • reduce memory footprint of Dilithium and Kyber

  • enhancement: Add Kyber-X25519 KEM, KEX, and IES

  • enhancement: Add Dilithium-ED25519

  • hardening: use -fzero-call-used-regs=used-gpr if available to counter ROP attacks

  • fix: Add fork-detection for seeded_rng

  • update XDRBG256 implementation based on latest draft